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Ahem, study, yes

Thursday, November 8, 2007
I am still studying. Honest. No really, I've done some... yesterday.

I really need to do more. Sigh.

I got my assignment back last week. Not good, not good at all. I sat down and went through my assignment when I got it back, and was still disappointed. I did technically get the correct answer, but via the wrong channels. And for that I nearly failed. Not many of the comments were helpful, and some were downright wrong (comments on referencing). Still, onwards and upwards. I still have an exam to get through.

And roughly 3 weeks worth of work to do in ... 15 days. eeek.

So here I am, procrastinating once again. At least I'm not playing solitaire... yet.


  1. Ali said...

    it's easy to procrastinate especially with the computer, lol. Good luck with the studying....

    November 9, 2007 at 9:07 AM  

  2. Kez said...

    {{HUGS}} Kin - now go and study :)

    November 9, 2007 at 4:25 PM  

  3. Erin! said...

    Hugs Kin I know how dissapointing that sort of result can be, especially when the comments are not helpful.

    What referencing system are you using?

    November 9, 2007 at 6:39 PM  

  4. River said...

    I don't see how the channels can matter so much as long as you arrive at the correct solution. What is it you're studying again?

    November 10, 2007 at 6:24 PM  

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