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Toy Sales

Thursday, July 5, 2007
Ah, the annual parents tradition. Frantically scour the catalogues as the arrive, circle, list, plan, debate. Check opening times, organise babysitters, get up at a rediculous time of night. The things we do for our children.

Living in a rather small country area, we are limited in our toy selection at the best of times, and with one major department store, and one "country" brand of another, toy sales represent the best time to have a decent variety of toys available.

So there I was, having conducted my pre-toy-sale activities (including making hubby take an hour off work to come with me and push the trolley), sitting outside the store at 10 minutes to opening time. With one other mother. Apparently, those of us living in the country move at the same pace regardless if the product is full price or 50% off. Admittedly the store was opening half an hour earlier than usual (they just chose not to advertise the fact), so by 8:30 the place was buzzing. But that first half hour - bliss. Just the two of us, scouring the store with our lists of birthdays between now and Christmas, and kids we're buying Christmas presents for (5 and 10 in case you were wondering). And about 30 staff. I kid you not. Each of us had a couple of young fellows following us around the store, finding things in odd places, taking rainchecks, getting extra stock from the back dock. It was like having my own personal shopper.

I did quite well with my list. Grabbed a couple of extra things for backup gifts. Still not got a good 6 year old boy present (transformer? I dunno) but apart from that, my toy related birthday and Christmas shopping until December? DONE! The no-deposit layby helps, and I separated it into birthday and christmas layby's so I can collect the birthday ones as needed, and leave the Christmas ones there until, well, Christmas, and save storing them at home.

There were a couple of things I wanted that haven't arrived yet, but they will be put aside for me when they do come in. I had layby'd and was gone by 8:35, had a quiet coffee with hubby and had him at work by 9am.

Now if only every shopping expidition were that simple.


  1. River said...

    I love the layby options. Every year when my kids were little I would start laybying toys and clothes for christmas straight after easter. when those were picked up I would layby a new bunch of stuff for the adults I had to buy for. when those were picked up I would set aside a similar layby $ amount and use it to buy christmas food. Straight after christmas the whole thing started again with birthday laybys. Looking back now I seem to have spent most of every year paying off laybys.

    September 3, 2007 at 7:14 PM  

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