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Much Ado About Nothing

Friday, July 13, 2007
So, I've got nothing today. No great insight, no good links to share, no stress. So here's what will sure to become a regular style of post: much ado about nothing! Enjoy

  • It's now 4 days until my uni results come out. It's so very frustrating that everyone else has theirs and I don't have mine yet! You can expect more stressing about that over the next few days. D-day is Tuesday.
  • My washing is slowly getting caught up. I guess I should do some more today (can you feel my enthusiasm?)
  • The $250 savings challenge has stalled because we just have no money. Wait, I just raided DH's stash found $1.30 so that can go in as well.
  • The house is a mess. I plan to clean today. Honest.
  • My pregnancy belly is about to pop. Honestly, it's all baby, baby.
  • Miss Nearly 4 had a fantastic day at daycare yesterday, and is all psyched up to help me clean out the car with our new dust buster. Seriously.
  • Miss 2.5 spent the night with us. I have bruises on both my stomach and back. We need a king sized bed.
  • I am going away next weekend for my 10 year high school reunion. I'm terrified but excited at the same time. Did I mention I'm 20kg heavier now than I was back then? Most of the people going haven't seen me in that long.
  • To attend aforementioned high school reunion, I, my father and my two delightful children are driving 1300km. Won't that be fun?

Ok, that's all I've got for today. Have a great weekend, and I'll hopefully be more inspired tomorrow.


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