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Hubby's surprise Birthday Dinner

Friday, July 6, 2007
Well, finally. I only have 10.5 hours more of lying to my hubby. He knows something's up of course, found my menu list (silly me, not hiding it) then asked when our friends were coming over, I said Saturday. But I asked him to tidy the lounge last night.

So, the plan is to hopefully get the kids in bed by 7:15, and everyone else will arrive at 8pm. Of course hubby will be home from 5:30 roughly, so he'll see me making all the foods I said were for tomorrow night. Ah I might have to distract him with a shiny new DVD.

So the menu for tonight is:
Mini Hot Dogs
Nacho Bites
Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Sauce
Lizzie's Cottage Rolls
Spring Rolls
And chicken nuggest if people are still hungry

I am also making Lightening's Grandmother's Lemon Slice and Hubby's mother is bringing some other slices.

For a cake I am doing a white chocolate mud cake, which will hopefully work out.

Of course this means I have a massively busy day, which means I shouldn't be still in bed at 9:30. Right, time to get moving!


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