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Christmas and Birthdays

Monday, July 2, 2007
It's probably about time I started thinking about this really. After the in-laws birthdays last week, the birthday season begins in earnest. Hubby's this Friday, mine in three weeks, one kid in October and one in December. In between are countless friends and extended family (two nieces, one nephew, one grandfather, two aunts and one uncle).

In addition to all these birthdays coming up (not to mention Christmas), and the imminent toy sales at Target, Big W, K-Mart and Toys 'R' Us, I figure I should really start at least a list, followed by some ideas.

Christmas for the most part is easy, all adult family will be recieving chickens or goats from Oxfam There are (not including my own) 6 kids to buy for, ranging in age from 2 weeks (well, they will be born by Christmas) to nearly 9, and 4 friends. I will probably make shortbread wrapped in cellophane for people like day carers, and hubby's workmates.

In the meantime, a list of ideas for the kids (and budgets), and the birthdays between now and then should probably be done. I have absolutely no idea what to get my husband for his birthday ON FRIDAY. I have a couple of ideas, but can't say too much in case he decides to read.

And speaking of birthday's, my friend Lightening is celebrating her birthday today, and wants to get her ticker over 1000 visits. If you can help her out I'm sure she'd appreciate it. Happy Birthday!


  1. lightening said...

    Hi Kin,
    Just wanted to say thanks for helping with my quest to get my blog ticker over 1000 on my birthday. :-)

    July 4, 2007 at 1:48 PM  

  2. Kin said...

    You are most welcome :) Glad you had a wonderful day :)

    July 4, 2007 at 9:58 PM  

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