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A busy week

Thursday, July 26, 2007
And I'm still exhausted. This pregnancy is taking a lot out of me.

Ok, so we left here Thursday after lunch, and drove for 5 hours before stopping for the night. I shared a queen bed with the girls, and, let's just say, never again. I've got bruises on my lower back. Friday we took our time and drove the rest of the way, stopping for lunch with cousins and aunts and uncles on the way.Quiet dinner and early to bed.

Saturday dawned early and we were off for the school reunion. I was quite nervous really, but most of the people there were in fact friends, and we had a good catch up, culminating in lunch at McDonalds (not much changes ;)). I headed back to my parents stopping for a spot of shopping and to pick up the new Harry Potter book. Yes I'm shameless.

Sunday consisted of lunch at a friends, a cake with my parents and presents (DVD's and books). Still no time to read Harry Potter.

Monday Dad had to work, so we met for lunch at the shops, and I spent pretty much the rest of the day reading Harry Potter. Damn it was good. No spoilers here yet. I might discuss it in a month or so. Tuesday we left at 6am, and despite a 1hr delay behind a huge load (I'm talking 5 truck engines, 3 pulling and 2 pushing, 3 police escorts and 2 escort vehicles) we were home by 8pm. A long day but worth it.

Dad flew home yesterday, leaving me with unpacking, washing and cleaning to do (although hubby had made a remarkable effort while I was away). My focus at the moment is unfortunately finding the money for textbooks as uni goes back on Monday. I need to find $160. Funds are a little short this week, and while I have enough for text books, and we have enough food, there is the slight matter of two outstanding bills (one that's 5 weeks overdue) that are causing me some concern.

A bonus this week also was the phone call I'd been waiting for from the daycare centre. "Yes, we have a place for both girls on Fridays. When would you like them to start?" I'm sure you can guess the answer.

So my aim is to organise myself a bit more over the next few weeks, and you're all welcome on my journey. Come on. It'll be fun


  1. Kez said...

    Glad you had a good time Kin! Enjoy the girls at daycare - I hope they go well!!

    July 26, 2007 at 5:44 PM  

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