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Tuesday, August 7, 2007
I watched a rather interesting documentary last night, called "The Lost Tomb of Jesus". Even a cursory Internet search shows it to be one of the more controversial documentaries in recent times. Although I found it fascinating to watch, Hubby, an avid documentary watcher, found it boring. I likened the style to "reality archeology", following a bunch of boring scientists around on their search.

The articles related to the documentary are mostly negative, pointing out flaws in the documataries claims, and although the documentary never specifically claims the tomb belonged to Jesus's family, it is definitely a possibility that should not immediately be discounted. As with anything archeological, it is difficult to prove anything. All that remains in the tombs are "body boxes" or ossuaries and all that remains in them is the dust of bones buried 2000 years ago.

Dan Brown would probably appreciate the documents used to support the theory that the tomb did house the remains of Jesus and his family for nearly 2000 years (including the gospel of Mary Magdaline, and the Acts of Phillip, her brother) and further claiming if it WAS in fact the tomb of Jesus, that he and Mary Magdaline were married, and he did father a child (there was a child's ossuary found bearing the inscription "Judah, son of Jesus").

The most interesting thing I found was the acceptance by people that other tombs and ossuaries belonged to other people named in the New Testament, and yet the reluctance to entertain the possibility in this case. While the evidence was indeed compelling, there is no way to prove it either way, and as expected the most feverent disbelief came from various religions.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it is the tomb of Jesus, or that it isn't, but it does raise some interesting questions, doesn't it? If it is, in fact, Jesus's tomb, how was he resurected, among others. I guess this is one of these things that we'll never know the answer too, and one side will continue to gather evidence to support the claim, while the other will try and discredit any evidence. The fact is we really know so little that it is impossible to know either way.


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