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Are lawyers bad people?

Thursday, August 2, 2007
I was 14 when it was first suggested to me I would make a good lawyer. A friend of my father’s and I got into a big debate, and he commented that I argued like a lawyer. It was that seed that motivated me to study Legal Studies in high school, and ever since I have harboured a dream of studying law.

Of course getting into a law degree isn’t as easy as it sounds. It has taken me 9 years since finishing school to get my act together and do it. It’s not that I’m not smart enough to do it, it’s just that everyone wants to do it, so they only take the smartest. I’m sure it makes sense in their head.

For my birthday last week, friends gave me a book, “Anonymous Lawyer”. I highly recommend both the book, and the blog. The book tells the story of an ‘anonymous lawyer’ who is the hiring partner at a large firm in LA, and his career aspirations. I won’t go into too much of the plot, suffice to say it was hilarious.

What isn’t hilarious, is the fact that this is how the majority of the population I encounter view lawyers. And while I’m sure some exist like this, in my experience the lawyers I have encountered have been nothing short of normal (slightly crazed) people who work hard, play hard and have a lot of fun along the way.

So while it’s amusing to read so much about the apparent injustice of associates working conditions, and why lawyers might be uptight, bitter people (and don’t get me wrong, after only 1 subject in a law degree I can understand why lawyers are jaded), it’s not something I’ve seen yet in my experience.

Maybe it’s just An American Thing? Or is it worldwide? What have your experiences been like with lawyers?


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