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$250 Savings Challenge - Update

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

After a few very lean weeks for the $250 Savings Challenge, I am pleased to announce that we have made it through. I know things aren't over yet, but we are at a place I'm comfortable with. Thanks to the 3 fortnightly pays in August, there is automatically one extra home loan payment available. My first instinct was to spend it, but instead I will leave it in the account as further backup savings. I am also anticipating my Tax Return in a week or so, which will relieve the pressure immeasurably. Put simply: things are looking up. It is pay day tomorrow, we haven't starved, our electricity or phones haven't been cut off, and I can see money coming in from various sources for a few weeks to come.

Back to the topic: This week I am depositing exactly $4 into the fund. I know it's not much, but considering that's 36% of what's already in there, I'm impressed. This money is leftover cash that has found itself into my purse. Bringing the total to $15.35. This is slow going, but I WILL get there.


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