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Sunday, June 17, 2007
Truly the bane of (I suspect) most mothers existences. I am really struggling at the moment. I got very good at the end of last year and early this year hanging the washing out, bringing it in every day. I did my two loads (all that fit on the line) and had them put away.

Then, on about the 15th of January, the "wet season" started. From the 15th of January til I left for my trip on the 12th of April, it rained. Every. Single. Day.

Arriving back from our trip on the 29th May, we were surprised to discover it had rained. Every. Single. Day. while we were away. And since then, there have been 2 WHOLE DAYS without rain.

For a while this really affected my washing habits. I can't hang it out, so I won't do it. After a few days of rain that doesn't work. Enter, the dryer. DH gets fussy with his work shirts going in the dryer, so all the shirts now get hung up on a rack, and the rest go in the dryer. It's not perfect, but it does cut down the time the dryer goes for, making me feel a little better about using it at all.

My washing plan is to start a load pretty much straight up in the morning, and have two loads hung out by morning tea, all try and ready to come in at 3:30 or so. Doesn't often work, and especially using the dryer I can have it all done and put away by lunch time. That is, if I actually did it. See because I'm not hanging out the washing to catch sunshine, I'm lazy about jumping on the machine as soon as it's washed. So the load I started around 11 this morning? Still in the machine.

I do wish it wasn't quite so neverending. I did attack the ironing this afternoon, reducing the two huge baskets and full rack to about 1/4 of the rack and the two baskets. Hey, it's better than nothing. If there was just something decent on TV to watch while I did it. I had to put Harry Potter on today to get me through that lot of ironing I did.

And tomorrow's Monday. First day of the week. Surprisingly the washing is almost up to date, if I could just remember to get the damn load out of the machine!


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