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Rain, Rain, Go Away

Saturday, June 23, 2007
Preferably down south to drought affected areas.

It is currently our wettest June on record, and the poor kids (and their parents) are very tired of being cooped up. Here are some rainy day activities we have done this week:

  • Shopping - going to the shopping centre is always fun with two small kids. I buy them donhuts and suffer the sugar fix
  • Cubby House - We built a massive one under the dining room table
  • Cooking - We made cupcakes and decorated them.
  • Picnic - We had a picnic in the cubby house with the cupcakes
  • DVD's - Mummy went to the library and got Hook, Fifi, Curious George and a few others I can't remember, and the girls watched them on Mummy's laptop IN the cubby house.
  • Daycare - Mummy begged and pleaded for a spot at daycare for a day so the kids could play with someone else.

And yesterday, for the grand finale, we drove 2 hours to go to a cinema to see Shrek the Third. And just for fun, on the way home we donned the girls in raincoats and gum boots to go to the local Show. It rained, it was muddy, and we stayed less than 90 minutes before grabbing the show bags and running home, dumping everyone in a warm bath and curling up under the blankets.

BUT we all had a good time. Which I guess is a good thing. Right?


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