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Morning Routines

Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's amazing really, how much smoother the day goes with a good start to the morning. If I could just follow my morning routine, things just click for most of the rest of the day. Equal in importance (in my opinion), to the evening routine. This is what works for me:

1. Make bed
2. Shower
3.Dress to shoes
4. Hair & Makeup
5. Swish & Swipe
6. Start washing
7. Unpack dishwasher
8. Make tea and coffee
9. Kids up and dressed
10. Make kids beds
11. Make Breakfast
12. Breakfast
13. Take vitamins & medication
14. Pack lunches
15. Hang washing out and reboot laundry
16. Check to-do list
17. What’s for dinner?

What it does mean, is that nearly everything is done by 9am that needs to be done that day. If I do nothing else I've done a load of washing, the bedrooms at least have beds made, and I don't feel TOO bad if I do nothing else. That's particularly true if I do ALL my routines.


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